Artist Statement

I’ve always been a creative soul. From an early age I have demonstrated an artistic talent and have continued to bring my creative passion to fruition. My professional portfolio spans 25 years in the world of Design. I initially trained as a Graphic designer but quickly the industry moved away from drawing to computers and not wishing to embrace this new medium I decided to dabble in the world of Airbrushing in the motorcycle scene.

Fast forward many years and many ventures I now work from my studio in North London where I find my inspiration to paint. My work features mainly photorealism airbrush work. Airbrushing was one of the most popular forms of art during the 1970’s to 80’s and is now enjoying a revival back to ‘old school’ techniques.

I have been mastering the art of custom airbrushing/painting and I’m still learning. It is my favourite tool of use due to its great precision of fine detail giving the artwork photographic characteristics. Using an airbrush allows me to create a more subtle transition from one colour and hue to another to give it a natural look with little surface texture.

I currently work on various projects for the fashion industry, photorealistic portraits and murals, the automotive industry, bespoke guitar projects, leather jackets & shoe art and much more.

I also take on commissions for bespoke artwork projects on items such as skateboards, laptops, surfboards and other items.

For all enquiries and to visit me in the studio please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.